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  • Photo Essay Contest
    Photo Essay Contest
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  • Essay

    Tell us what you think!

    The Most Important Leadership Lessons I Learnt in School
    ( Category A: 13 - 17 years old )
    350 - 500 words, BM or English

    Volunteering Makes Us Better Leaders
    ( Category B: 18 - 21 years old )
    700 - 1,000 words, BM or English

  • Fiction

    Compose your story!

    ( Category A: 13 - 17 years old )
    350 - 500 words, BM or English

    ( Category B: 18 - 21 years old )
    700 - 1,000 words, BM or English

  • Photo Essay
    Photo Essay

    Snap your masterpiece!

    ASEAN YOUTH in Action!
    ( Category A: 13 - 17 years old )
    3 - 5 photos per series

    ( Category B: 18 - 21 years old )
    5 - 7 photos per series

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  • Datuk Hardev Kaur

    Datuk Hardev Kaur is special Officer in the Prime Minister's Office. She was Group Editor of The New Straits Times and Editor of Business Times.

    Datuk Hardev Kaur

  • Alexandra Wong

    Getting one's point across clearly and efficiently is key to good communication, and it's a skill young people should master as early as possible. Learning to write well not only opens doors for writers but for others as well; stories bring readers to new worlds they wouldn't or couldn't otherwise explore, but only if they're written well. 

    Alexandra Wong

  • Ben Ibrahim

    Many people think writing is a straightforward task, but why do people often miscommunicate? It's because the written communication was not done well.

    To me, writing is about sharing and learning. The young generation today is very smart and I hope to see them sharing their knowledge with others through writing.

    Ben Ibrahim

  • Mahen Bala

    Young, bold, ambitious and innovative, the indomitable spirit of youths is at the very heart of a progressive society. We rely on them for fresh ideas, ground breaking initiatives and foresight to chart the course of the nation. Today, more than ever before, there is an urgent need for the youths of our generation to stand up and make their voices heard, and also for the rest of us to pay attention to our leaders of tomorrow.

    Mahen Bala

  • Zain Abdullah

    A passionate self-taught photographer from Malaysia. His works range from architecture, nature to street shots. 

    Zain Abdullah


    Photography is about visual communication. So, you have to know what you want to say and how do you say it effectively through visual.


  • Chuah Guat Eng

    Writing is a wonderful way for people, especially young people, to express themselves. Under the right guidance, writing can lead to marvellous insights about oneself and the world. It is one of the many gifts humans are endowed with to find self expression and knowledge. Among them are the gifts of art in its various forms, music, singing, dance, acting, photography and so on. All these gifts should be nurtured, because they are all of equal value. Those who find joy in writing should write, and be encouraged to do so. That's why I think this MF-PLF Writing and Photo Competition is such a brilliant initiative.

    Chuah Guat Eng

  • Tunku Halim

    Writing is important because through it you'll discover more of yourself. Enter the contest because not only will it improve your writing but you'll never know where it'll take you.

    Tunku Halim

  • Dato' Professor Ghulam Sarwar Yousof

    Fiction is the art of imagination which allows young people to get insights into reality, while at the same time allowing for the development of creativity, mental discipline and a control of language.

    Dato' Professor Ghulam Sarwar Yousof

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